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When your pet needs care, we’re here to help. All Creatures Animal Hospital is staffed by a team of nurturing professionals, committed to the health and wellness of animals. We are dedicated providers of wellness care, preventative medicine, internal medicine, and more.


crafty the cat at All Creatures Animal Hospital

Dr. Crafty Pants
Clinic Cat

Crafty joined our staff as the office cat in April 2008. You may have seen him wandering the halls, sunning himself, or running away from dogs. Crafty has many duties in the office, including entertaining clients in the waiting room, and even consoling grieving pet owners. With his occasionally loud mouth and sparkling personality, Crafty has charmed our staff and clients. Look for Crafty next time you’re in the office. He may greet you with a loud meow or play with your hair while you’re sitting in the waiting room. It’s just his way of saying hello!

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